Police Car Piggy Bank
Police Car Piggy Bank
Police Car Piggy Bank
Police Car Piggy Bank
Police Car Piggy Bank
Police Car Piggy Bank

Police Car Piggy Bank

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Encourage children to develop the habit of saving and the value of money through play. Save money is a piggy bank in the form of an armored police car, in which all coins and bills will be securely protected with a password. It has many features: the keypad to enter the code, fingerprint recognition, flashing lights, slot for coins, slot for banknotes, and a large pantry. The rear door opens automatically when the password is entered correctly and a beep and lights warn if the password is incorrect.

How to Use Our Product Better:

STEP 1: Counterclockwise Screwing off the cover with a screwdriver (screwdriver not included) , then put 3AA battery into it ( batteries not included)

STEP 2: Turn the switch on the bottom of the product which is near by the battery cover,then you can store the money.

STEP 3: Input your correct password, will hear the voice like "please confirm the fingerprint", then Press the fingerprint button, the door will be opened.

STEP 4: After you open the door, you can take the money,If you don't close the door ,you will hear beep sound every 20 seconds until closing the door.


  • ✔ Exceptional design and attractive look
  • ✔ PIN code lock
  • ✔ Automatic banknote scroll function
  • ✔ Flashing lights
  • ✔ Automatic door opening
  • ✔ An educational toy that is a great choice for a gift for any occasion

How to reset the password :

  1. Enter the current password (default 0000) to open the safe door
  2. Hold the "*" button, both green and red lights will flash
  3. Enter a new 4-digit password within 15 seconds then press "#" to confirm and save the new password
  4. Release the "*" button and close the door
  5. Note: If you don't enter a new password within 15 seconds the procedure will stop. You need to reset it

 Warm tips:

  1. Please make sure your prepared 3 AA new batteries have enough power
  2. Switching the language of the voice prompts into English before using
  3. Press the ''#'' button can open the headlamp when the door is closed
  4. Every time turn off the product, it will restart. When you turn on it next time, the password will return to 0000 and you need to switch the language to English again and reset your new password

 How to switch the language :

  1. Power on and enter the correct password
  2. Press the fingerprint button after entering the correct password to open the door
  3. Press the ''# '' button for few seconds, the language will be switched into English